Welcome to Bound in Light Photography! We believe that the world is full of beauty and we try to capture glimpses of that beauty through the lens of our camera.

Our hope is that you like photographs too, either taking them or just looking at them. If not maybe we can convince you of how cool photographs can be.

Bound in Light Photography is made up of Justin and Emily Gazlay. We love photography! The great memories, real emotions, and raw beauty that can be conveyed through photos is something we strive to capture in our photography.

Please feel free to contact us at: boundinlightphotography [at] gmail [dot] com  – Yes we know it is a ridiculously long email address,we have to type every time we need to check our email.

Thanks for stopping by!

Justin Gazlay

About Justin:

I love to photograph the beauty that is all around us; from majestic mountains to interesting buildings.

In the last couple of years I have become fascinated with what is called HDR Photography. This is a process that combines several photos to try and capture as much of the light range in a given scene as possible. I am guessing that a good percentage of the photos I post will be HDR but not all of them as not every picture needs or even benefits from this process.

I believe everyone has something to contribute. This is my contribution. I hope that you might learn something from me and I from you. I am no expert and will probably make many mistakes. Please feel free to leave a comment and help us all learn together.

Emily Gazlay

About Emily:

Emily is a part-time secondary social studies teacher and a full-time mom to our two little girls; Annalise and Nataleigh. Somewhere in between planning and grading; chasing after a toddler; nursing our baby; folding laundry; and playing outside, Emily can be found with the camera (usually in the form of her phone). Typically the types of pictures she enjoys to take are of faces and capturing people in their natural surrounding. Emily loves traveling and adventuring with her family and exploring Boulder.


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