Night Glow

a tree illuminated under a starry sky

The Pic: NIght Glow

This is another shot I took this weekend. I decided that it might be interesting to try and use my flashlight to light up the tree so that it wasn’t just a silhouette. I slowly ran my flashlight up the tree in one smooth motion while the shutter was open to light it up like this. I have read about “painting” objects with a flashlight during long exposures at night but have never tried it before. It was pretty fun and yielded some very interesting results. I am excited to try more of this in the future.

You may be wondering where all of the yellow light at the bottom of the photo is coming from. I guess this is called “light pollution.”  It is basically the light from a nearby town bleeding out into the night sky. You can’t see it with your naked eye but when the camera shutter is open for so long it really picks it up. If you are too close to a town or city it can overtake the whole sky so that you cannot get a good photo of the stars at all.

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