Close-up of an old farm tractor

The Pic: Massey-Harris

This is from a local farm that has a pumpkin patch open for the public to come pick pumpkins every year. Last fall they had several old tractors out for visitors to look at. They even had one of them running, it looked to me like a steam powered tractor. This particular tractor was very old and rusty. I really liked how the texture of the rusted metal looked so I snapped this photo of it.

I only had a couple of my photos turn out from this trip to the farm. I was experimenting with setting my camera up to take HDR photos a little more quickly and easily. To do this I saved some of the setting to the custom dial selections on the top of the camera. The idea is that I can then just turn the dial an be ready to go, as opposed to shuffling thorough several menus to get the camera setup. For some reason I did not get it setup correctly and the camera changed the aperture between the bracketed shots instead of the shutter speed to change the exposure of the photos. The problem this creates is that in each photo different things were in or out of focus – which makes it impossible to correctly combine them. I didn’t realize that this was happening until i was trying to combine them later and getting very strange results.

I never bothered to mess around with those custom modes again since then until last week. Out of the blue I got the urge to try it again. I think I have the camera set up correctly this time. We are going camping this weekend so I will be sure to test them. Hopefully they work like I expect and will make the whole process much quicker.

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