Good Morning Whale’s Tail

A humpback whale's tail

The Pic: Good Morning Whale’s Tail

While in Maine last summer, we decided to go on a whale-watching trip. Unfortunately it was so foggy that you could barely see one-hundred yards beyond the boat. Nearly half of the people on the boat got sea sick. Because of the thick fog we were unsuccessful in spotting anything, let alone whales. The company we went with gave you a voucher for another trip if you didn’t see any whales, so my father-in-law and I decided to go out again the following morning. This time the fog was much thinner and we found whales! We first spotted them in the distance; they jumped completely out of the water. Of course I didn’t have my camera pointed in the right direction when they jumped out of the water so I missed that photo-op. After that they just rose to the surface and their tails would come out like this. Anyway, this is a photo I captured of one of them diving back down after taking a breath of air. We must have been in good feeding grounds as we saw whales, dolphins, and tons of birds in the area!

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