Gem Lake Trail

a trail in the mountains

The Pic: Gem Lake Trail

Last week I went for a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park with my family to a little pond that is called Gem Lake. I know it is called a lake – but it really is just a small pond in the mountains. On the way up the trail goes right through these two large rock walls that line the trail. It was a really cool area and I was wishing I had a wider lens to really capture it, but I had to make do with what I had. In this photo you can see the left rock wall. I will post another one soon that shows both of them. When I stopped to take this photo the wind started blowing really hard. Since I knew I was going to shot a sequence of shot to capture all of the light values at the scene I had to wait around a couple of minutes for the wind to die down so that the leaves and tree were nice and still.

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