Central Park – Boulder

a couple sitting in a park

The Pic: Central Park – Boulder

My wife and I keep trying to get into the habit of running. It has proven to be difficult with our two little girls in tow, because they need dinner after I get off work. But, every once in a while we make it out. This photo is from one of those times. We were running around this park and I kept looking over at how pretty the dandelions looked being lit up by the sun. So on our next lap we stopped and I snapped a few photos. This is one of them. The clouds were moving pretty quickly but I think it gave them a cool effect.

My daughter Annalise was very interested in what I was doing so I showed her how the camera works. She was pretty excited to help as you might be able to tell from her face. I have a feeling we have a little photographer in the making!

Teaching my daughter how to use a camera

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