Unplugged- Ruby Jewel

Place: Colorado State Forest above Cameron Pass

Artist/Song: Merle Haggard/Colorado

Dates: 6/21-6/24

We spent the third weekend in June with my family above Cameron Pass in a Yurt. We had a quiet little camping spot in the middle of tall pine trees beside a quiet little stream. We spent three unplugged days in the mountains surrounded by picturesque views. For this trip we rented a wide angle lens (10-24mm); and, well we fell in love. We are now saving for one. Annalise has begun her own photography journey- the passion seems to be genetic. Keep your eyes out below for our little bean’s first official 7D picture.

I can safely say that after this trip I realize just how fully our family needs these moments to get away and explore new things. We are most in our element when we are out of our comfort zone. Although, coming back to our familiar little home is always a great feeling. We have begun a list of places we want to explore- nearby and further away, but realistic. Start one of your own and make it happen! Maybe a nearby trail, maybe a new neighborhood park, or a national park you have never been to…whatever it is- get out! Be active! Go with people you love; explore unplugged.

Because everyone loves a song dedicated to their state, we are using nearly all the lyrics of this one.

Columbine Flower

“There’s a place where Mother Nature’s got it all together…

Yellow wildflowers in forest

…She knows just where to let the wildflowers bloom.”

Michigan reservoir at sunset

“I’d love to be there watching, early in the morning
The sun comes up and crowns the mountain King”
(Annalise’s first photo)

“If by chance you dare to be there, high upon the mountain…”

Tall pine trees

“…I swear that you can hear the angels sing.”

Little waterfall in forest

“Have you ever been down to Colorado?
I spend a lot of time there in my mind.”

A stream in front of a forest

“And if God doesn’t live in Colorado…”

Little series of waterfalls in a stream

“… I bet that’s where He spends most of His time”

A few we captured of Annalise exploring her world.

Annalise with a dandelion

We stumbled upon the most beautiful little trail and I swear- if fairies exist, then this is where they reside.


Annalise at the outhouse

We had her pose in her camping Long Johns for some pictures by the iconic outhouse.

Annalise leaving the outhouse

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