Portraits: Author Portraits

I had the honor of taking ‘author’ photos for my friend Jess last week. I was elated when she called and asked me to take her portraits- especially since I am still learning so much. I am really pleased with how they turned out!

Last summer when I was pregnant with our daughter and desperately needing entertainment Jess graciously emailed me a copy of her book, The Curse. It was entertaining, well-written, and sucked me in. You can read more about Jess and her novel at The Type Writer. It has been fun and inspiring for me to watch Jess go through all the ups and downs of being a writer. She hasn’t given up and it has helped me continue to pursue photography with J. Jess recently got an agent to represent her and now looks to the next goal of getting published! It has been fun watching her celebrate her reward of representation and I am happy I got to be a small piece of her story by doing her portraits.

For many of these I tried out different grains/coloring to create the look of old film. Still perfecting this process, as vintage photos have always captivated me.

If you or anyone you know is looking for portraits I’d love to capture you and your unique personality!


10_31_2012_Jess Portrait_00645

Black or White? Sometimes I can’t decide which I like better. I do like how Black and White focuses attention on the subject and seems to capture more emotion. But I love a good saturated photo too…

B & W

10_31_2012_Jess Portrait_00640

This is one where I played with some grain. Any advice or tips?


Jess LOVES collecting typewriters. I love how these turned out: typewriters and great boots. I also tried to highlight her very characteristic tattoo sleeve she has been working on.


And this is one of my new favorite photos. It was Jess’ idea to recreate one of her favorite pictures. I blurred it and of course made it look as vintage as I could. I tried cropping it so her great boots were in the shot too but this cropping seemed to fit the picture best. This captures Jess’ personality so well. I have really enjoyed capturing photos of people. It is challenging, inviting, fun, and vulnerable all at the same time.

10_31_2012_Jess Portrait_00651

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