Family Photos: Skankeys


Sarah has become a good friend of mine over the last few months. They are neighbors of ours in Boulder. Her and her sweet family needed family portraits done for the fall and I offered to take some to build my portfolio. We went out to the Boulder Creek to try and catch some fall colors, light, and nature. I have already learned a lot of ‘what-not-to-dos’ from taking these, but I am still really excited about how they came out. They weren’t hard to photograph, which made it easy on me! Some turned out darker through flickr, but most look ok.



I love the light that hits Sarah’s eyes in this one. I like the way shadows on their face makes it obvious that they were outside and it just seems more natural, but I learned through these that shadows on faces can be very tricky and difficult too.


The way Sarah and Eric interact with their little guy just exudes natural love and affection. I think it was Henry Ward Beecher who said, ‘we never know the love of a parent until we become parents ourselves.’ This is so true!


The following three pictures are of their precious son Jackson. Our daughter loves to play with Jackson. Sarah and I try to hang out throughout the week so they can play and to make the days go by faster. No one really warns you how lonely and isolating being a stay-at-home mom can sometimes be. Our play dates and walks with Sarah and Jackson are always a fun adventure in our day.


Believe me, he is as precious as he looks.



I also learned a lot about photographing babies. Their movements are spastic, unpredictable, and their moods can change quickly. Thanks for letting me photograph/experiment/learn with your beautiful family Sarah!

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