Crumpled Paper

Crumpled Paper

The Pic: Crumpled Paper

Trust me I know this one seems out of place and a little strange based on the photos I have posted up to this point – it is. Yes it is just a photo of a folded up piece of paper. I really can’t explain it but there is something about this simple photo that I really enjoy. Maybe the scratched patterns on the table in combination with the geometric shape of the paper – I don’t know. I have a habit of folding my receipts, ticket stubs, or any papery thing I find in my pockets. I guess it is something to keep my hands busy. I was sitting at this table with my wife’s family while listening to some music up in Estes Park. I was taking pictures of everyone sitting around and decided to grab a few shots of this paper. So here it is, the most simple of subjects but maybe you will find it interesting too – if not I won’t be offended (Emily says it is too artsy for her taste).

Yesterday while looking through my library of photos I came across several shots that I like to refer to as simple. Like this one they are intensely focused on a single subject. They are generally of small objects or parts of things. I got the idea of doing a “simple” photo week. I would have started yesterday but was just too excited about the moon rise picture to put it on hold. The rest of the week however, I will post these photos for you. Let me know what you think – the good, the bad and the ugly please – I am open to all. I decided on this one first as I think the fewest people will find it all that interesting, so hopefully even if you don’t like this one there will be something that you do in the days to come. And do not fear – I will be back to some fun landscapes next week.

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