Moon Rise

Moon Rise.jpg

The Pic: Moon Rise

Here is the edited version of the moon rise picture I put up last week while my computer was being fixed. I had to straighten it out, add some noise reduction and slightly adjust the white balance to reflect the cooler colors of night. This picture really makes me want to go backpacking again. I was not able to go all summer and I have missed it. You get to be witness to so many awesome moments like this when you are up in the mountains with no one around.

Probably the main reason I even got this shot is my sister-in-law. The moon was so bright as it was rising over the mountains that she thought the town of Walden was on fire. And that is really what it looked like. The clouds were lower on the horizon, completely obscuring the moon, it lit them up with a vibrant orange as it shone through them. I don’t remember ever seeing a moonrise quite like this one.

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