Computer Problems

Hello everyone and Happy Monday! Our computer is currently at the Apple Store getting the optical drive replaced. As a result I will not be posting more pictures until I get it back (unless I can find more cool pics like this of ours that are scattered around online).

This is a picture we took while backing up around Rainbow Lake a couple of summers ago. I say “we” because I can’t remember if Emily or I took this shot – we were trading off trying to get cool pics. What you see here is actually the moon rising up over the lake. We had to put the camera in bulb mode and manually hold the shutter open for various amounts of time to try to get the stars to expose. What made this even more difficult is that we didn’t have a tripod with us, so we had to prop the camera on logs or rocks to try and hold it steady. In this case it worked out pretty well.

I had forgotten about this photo, but I found it on Emily’s Facebook page while trying to find a photo for this post. This is directly out of the camera with no post processing. I will try to remember to revisit this photo after our computer is fixed and post a larger, higher quality version.

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