Annalise at Sunset

Annalise at Sunset

The Pic: Annalise at Sunset

Let me start this off by saying that this photo is actually a collaborative effort. My wife took this photo of Annalise this summer while in Maine and I did the post-processing. I love this shot of her. As you may be able to tell, Emily captured this as the sun was getting low in the sky. This time of day is called the Golden Hour, as the sun lights up everything with a wonderful golden hue.

Emily has an amazing eye for composition. She does not seem to think about her compositions, she just naturally finds them. This makes me so jealous – I have to think incredibly hard on how to compose everything to get even close to the results shes gets without thinking about it. Some people just have that natural talent.

As this moment Annalise was cruising all over her great-grandpa’s backyard with a new pink stroller she had got that day. She loved that she could use it to walk around¬†independently.

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