Featured Fotographer Friday: Trey Ratcliff

Welcome to the first ever Featured Fotographer Friday. This is a new post I will be making a couple Fridays a month. In it I will be highlighting one of my favorite photographers. I hope you enjoy it and find them as inspiring as I do. Please let me know who your favorite photographers are. You never know they might be the next Featured Fotographer.

Trey Ratcliff

Trey Ratcliff is almost synonymous with HDR photography out on the inter-webs. If you search anything to do HDR you will probably find him among the top results. His website stuckincustoms.com is one of the most visited travel photo blogs on the web. Every day he posts a great new picture from one of his many trips from all around the world.

I first became aware of HDR when I stumbled upon his website one day a couple years ago. I was just amazed as I looked at page after page of gorgeous photos. This is the moment when I became really excited about the photographic possibilities out there today. I honestly do not think I would be doing this blog if I had not found Stuck In Customs. Trey’s photos are a constant inspiration to me.

While his photographs are amazing in their own right, what impresses me most about Trey is his attitude of open hands. He is someone who loves to help make anyone a better photographer. He freely gives advice, tips, tricks, and tutorials away all over his website and social media profiles. His free tutorial on HDR processing is the best I have found. As he travels he also hosts photowalks where anyone can come learn and take photos with him. You can really tells that he truly loves photography and is genuinely excited to share his passion and knowledge.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Farewell India – Trey Ratcliff

The Bamboo Forest – Trey Ratcliff

Reflections on the Eiffel Tower – Trey Ratcliff

Hans Zimmer’s Studio – Trey Ratcliff

These photos are kindly provided by Trey Ratcliff at stuckincustoms.com

You can also find him on google+ at +TreyRatcliff

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