Seagull at Sunset

Seagull at Sunset.jpg

The Pic: Seagull at Sunset

I took this on the coast of Monhegan Island in Maine. There was an incredible sunset this night. The tide was very low and so I was able to go way out onto these rocks. As you can see they were covered in seaweed, which made them very slippery. I was very worried about slipping and smashing my camera but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this.

These rock were covered in gulls while I was shooting the sunset. Right after the sun dropped below the horizon most of them flew off leaving this lonely guy. I thought he looked really cool against the background of the sky and so I lowered my camera until he was positioned above the horizon and snapped away.

Worldwide Photowalk

What is a photowalk you ask?

A photowalk is when people go on a walk and take photos. It is that simple. On the 13th of October there is going to be a Worldwide Photowalk. Basically people all around the world are going to be getting together to take pictures. There is no cost to sign up and they are happening all over – so there should be one near you.

If you are interested you can go to to get more information, find a walk near you, and sign up. There is no skill or equipment requirement – even a phone camera will do. You will get the chance to mingle with other people from your area who also enjoy photography.

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