BMC Pro Cycle Team

BMC Pro Cycle Team.jpg

USA Pro Challenge

About a month ago the USA Pro Challenge came through Boulder. I thought this would be a great event to try out some sport photography. Let me tell you – it was difficult. I did not expect them to be riding by as fast as they were, I literally blinked and they had past me. This team of cyclers were quite a ways ahead of the rest of the pack. Not only do you have all of these cyclists flying by but they are followed by there support vehicles with extra bikes and supplies – it really is exciting to watch. I heard one of my fellow spectators say that it is a lot like the Hunger Games – you need your outside sponsors to provide the support when you need it if you want to stand a chance. This did seem to correlate with what I observed – the riders towards the front had vehicles full of spare bikes and equipment, while the ones near the back usually only had one spare bike.

The Pic: BMC Pro Cycle Team

For this photo I decided to try what is called a split tone effect. These sorts of effect are very popular in photo editing apps like Camera+ or Instagram. To create this you basically create one color cast in the bright areas of the photo and another in the dark areas. For this photo I used a yellow color in the highlights and a blue one in the shadows. This gives it a sort of vintage look that I think is nice.

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