Foggy Coast

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I believe that one of the most important characteristics to develop for creativity is exploring. Trying new things allows us to discover what we like or don’t like, what we are good at or bad at, what is fun for us or not. You may have noticed that this picture looks markedly different than anything I have done up to this point. I am a creature of habit and comfort – if I know how to do something well and it yields consistently excellent results, I have a hard time deviating from that method. I do not want that tendency to find its way into my photography. So I must find ways of keeping myself from being lulled into the comfort zone of photo processing.

As I was processing this photo in my usual way, I began to think about trying something new. I have seen many photographers who apply a texture to their photo to give it a unique look. With how thick the fog is in this picture I decided a grungy kind of look might work well. This is the first time I have tried this, but with a couple quick google searches I was on my way. The great thing about the internet is the huge amount of free information and ideas that can be accessed at any time. It only takes a couple of minutes to find out how to do something totally new. Have you tried something new recently?

The Pic: Foggy Coast

While in Maine this summer, we got to stay in this cool little house right on the coast – I will post a picture of it sometime. The coast line is really rough and rocky here, full of character. On this particular morning the fog was really thick and gave the coast a cool look. I had never shot through fog before and was excited to see what would happen. In this picture you can see how the sun was beginning to break through the fog and light up the waves on the right side of the frame. It creates a nice contrast between the feeling of warmth from the sun and cold from the fog.

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