Sunshine Peak

Sunshine Peak.jpg

Four-Mile Canyon

This photo was taken outside of Boulder up Four-Mile Canyon. I can’t remember the exact name of the place but it is one that my wife found out about online. It is a great place for a picnic or to hang out for the afternoon. There are several picnic tables all along the little stream that flows through here. This trails goes a little ways up the stream to some very small falls – ok – maybe they are just rapids. As the afternoon went on the sun lined up just perfectly at the top of this mountain. I really like having the sun in my photos. The HDR process makes it possible to have the sun and not have everything else look way too dark or the sun way to bright.

The Pic: Sunshine Peak

This was one of the last shots I grabbed as we were getting ready to leave for the day. I noticed how everything was lining up so nicely and so I quickly set up my camera for one last shot. When I got home and was looking through the photos from the day, this one stood out among all the others. I am so glad I didn’t call it a day too early.

For a typical HDR shot I will take a series of three photos: one under exposed by 2ev, one “correctly” exposed, and one over exposed by 2ev. In most situations this is plenty of range to capture all of the necessary light values. However when I point my camera at the sun, the range of light is much wider. So in a situation like this I take five photos: the same ones as usual but adding in an under exposed and over exposed photo by 3ev. This has always seemed to be enough for me. I suppose there could be certain situations when even a wider range would be needed but I have never come across one.

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