Monhegan Harbor Sunset

Monhegan Harbor Sunset.jpg

On the Island

This summer I went to Monhegan Island in Maine while on vacation. We only stayed one night but the views were so awesome that the majority of my ‘keeper’ photos from the whole trip were taken on the island. As you can see here, it was beautiful!

The Pic: Monhegan Harbor Sunset

This was a very exciting sunset. As the sun slowly set the colors and clouds kept changing in crazy ways. I found myself running all over this side of the Island taking different photos. Here there were not too many options as right in front of me the island pretty much drops of in a cliff to the ocean. The only shot I found myself happy with was this one. It was actually a good thing that there weren’t many options in this spot. It forced me to move and I found another little place further down the island where I could get right down to the waters edge. As I was moving along the coast there was a great spot I saw. I was moving into position when I heard a lady behind me yelling “Hey this is private property, get off!” So I didn’t get a photo from there. Oh well, it really wasn’t that great of a spot anyways. Moral of the story: scout your photo places ahead of time and don’t trespass.

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