Traffic Streaks

Traffic Streaks.jpg

It is All About Enjoyment

Let me be the first to say that I don’t consider this to be one of my best pictures – not even, necessarily a good picture. So why do I put it up? This is a picture that I really enjoy and had fun with – and fun is a major driving force in my photography. I have seen many cool photos where they make the traffic lights go all streaky. The resulting light trails can create really amazing effects and I wanted to try this for myself. Experimenting is fun! So I went out one night to see what kind of effects I could get. The trick is that you have to use a slow shutter speed so that the cars move through the frame while the shutter is open. I had no idea what was going to happen but was excited to find out. The result was that I got some great light trails. What is so great about them is they create a sense of movement in the image. Let this be an encouragement to you that not every thing you do has to be the best or most interesting. Get out there and have some fun – try something new – even if the result is mediocre, you can always learn something from the experience.

The Pic: Traffic Streaks

There are two things I recommend for shots like this – the first is a tripod. Without one I would never have been able to hold the camera still enough for long enough – especially when it is cold! The second is to use the delay on your camera, this way any shake you cause from pressing the button has time to stop before the shutter opens. This one is a HDR shot – which helped me be able to bring out the details in so much of the photo. It is not only usefully for really bright shots but dark ones as well.

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