Fall Road

Fall Road-2

The Colors are Changing

My family and I went up into the mountains this weekend to see the leaves changing colors. I can’t believe they are changing already. It is always fun to just randomly drive around in the mountains during this time of year. You never know when you might round a corner and be awed by the beautiful colors on the aspen trees. This was my daughter’s first time seeing the leaves change. Being only one, I am not sure how much she enjoyed the views but she had a lot of fun trying to stack rocks on top of each other. We would be walking around and she would randomly plop herself down and starting stacking them up. We neve know what to expect from her.

The Pic: Fall Road

This is one of those places where you come around a corner and the road is completely lined with yellow trees. It is a road right outside of Ward, Colorado that goes up to Brainard and Long Lakes. Believe it or not, it was very busy. I had to get my camera all set up of to the side while I waited for the road to clear. When it did, I ran out into the middle, set up my tripod and snapped away.

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