A Hawk with Dinner

A Hawk with Dinner

Objects in Motion

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a bird in flight? I have only tried this a couple of times but this is the first result I am really happy with. I changed my focus mode to the servo setting so that it tries to follow the object I want in focus. This seems to work pretty well most of the time even though the birds are such small objects through my viewfinder. Do you have any tips or tricks you use for photographing things in motion?

The Pic: A Hawk with Dinner

I spent last Saturday in Estes Park with my family. While we were out on the lake we kept seeing these hawks flying by with fish in their talons. I took probably 20 pictures of them hoping to get a good one. I honestly didn’t have any kind of strategy for these pictures. Almost all of them are just the bird with a blank sky for a background. When I was looking at these on the computer I was pleasantly surprised to find this picture with the bird and fish so clear and Longs Peak in the background. This time I got lucky.

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