Brainard Lake and Snowy Peaks


Into the Cold Outdoors

What I remember most about this trip is my newborn daughter all bundled up, being carried all around as I was taking pictures of the dynamic scenes as they were rapidly changing. She was less than a month old when we went here- a true Colorado girl! As long as she was warm she didn’t care where we took her. We liked to say that she loved being outside but really she loved being anywhere if she was being held. She is one year old now and loves to be outside – I like to think that our photo adventures like this one have something to do it.

The Pic: Brainard Lake & Snowy Peaks

One of the great things (or worst depending on your point of view) about Colorado is how quickly the weather can change. When we arrived at Brainard Lake this day the only clouds in sight were way off behind a peak that is further left than what can be seen in this photo, leaving  the sky was a fairly boring blue. But within 20 minutes these clouds had moved all the way over above these peaks, creating much more interesting scenery. We have a saying here “If you don’t like the weather, wait a couple minutes.” So for a better photo that’s what i did; I waited.

One of my favorite details in this photo is the father and son standing on the other side of the lake. Even though they are very small you can still make out their reflections on the ice. The details the HDR process is able to bring out in a photo amaze me.

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